What we do to an animal today, we do to a living creature which has feelings, a creature whose spiritual life knows pain and pleasure like us, which can suffer more than we will ever know. We are therefore facing a new situation, as we now have more knowledge than ever before and therefore much greater responsibility.

Julie Schlosser

Man has domesticated animals and it is within our responsibility to enable them to live according to their basic needs. They are animals which live in a group and we should not stick them into a small cage on their own. They need companions of their own species.

A too small living space does not make the animals happy, nor does it benefit them. They can show signs of behaviour disorder, like biting or gnawing on the bars, and therefore get neglected very soon.

Most owners who do not provide the necessary surroundings to the animals do not do it on purpose. They do it because they do not know better.

good environnement We have to try to simulate a piece of nature and create surroundings which enable the animals to live according to their basic instincts. This makes them lively and active. Only a group of happy animals can bring joy to the owners. Anyone who has experienced this can confirm it.